After developing atomic bomb, Manhattan Project scientists turn talents to video games

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My Learning Assistant

My Learning Assistant

Iā€™m only distorting the facts a little. The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) was formed in 1945 by scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project and the FAS does have a keen interest in educational games, including video games. In fact, Learning Technologies is one of the three primary programs listed on the FAS home page with a link to Games and Simulations listed below it. ā€œGames are the Future of Education Says E.O. Wilsonā€ was one of the lead stories on the day I visited the site.

On the Learning Technologies Projects page, FAS explains its interest in games. “In order to help advance our research, as well as promote our vision of what we feel should be the future of learning, FAS has opted for more than a mere academic involvement in the creation of a new model for learning. We are actively involved in the creation of games and simulations that we feel represent some of the best ideas for such models.”

I was particularly impressed with a project called My Learning Assistant, which is a tool for game developers that allows them to spend more of their time developing games and less time programming software.

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  1.   pkronfeld Says:

    My Learning Assistant is a brilliant way of addressing a potential pitfall in developing educational games, limited programming resources/skills. It should make it easier for a skilled designer that lacks complex programming abilities to create an environment that extends mere presentation into deep cognitive engagement of the learner.

    This allows for the integration of the Socratic method into educational games, making this time tested effective, learning method available to a much wider audience. I hope My Learning Assistant becomes well-known enough that it gets utilized to its full market potential.

  2.   kimmiereeann Says:

    “Throughout history, great teachers have sought to create learning environments that encourage questions and provide thoughtful, helpful responses” is a quote from the “My Learning Assistant” page at the FAS site. Questions and discussion are an integral part of learning and understanding, but time is a serious constraint on many teachers, myself included. Sitting and discussing an academic topic almost seems like a luxury in the quagmire of “getting through the standards.” How great would it be if educators/game designers could create a learning environment that helped out with this situation? Granted, it wouldn’t take the place of actually talking with one’s teachers, but it could certainly stimulate conversation in small groups and help kids come up with ideas/questions/comments on their own..maybe?

  3.   Melanie Stegman Says:

    Hey there,

    “My Learning Assistant” is a fantastic project. It works independently of Immune Attack, but we were not successful getting it to work within the Immune Attack game engine.

    Thank you for your support for My Learning Assistant.

    Contact me if you’d like to work on it.


    find me on the site